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What is the SD Worx
Digital Assistant?


Fragmented tools

In our private life we’re used to digital luxury: booking a flight, hotel and hire car is now done in just one app, and all your agendas are automatically synchronised on your smartphone. But on the work floor things don’t go as smoothly: personnel administration is done through a tangle of tools and devices that don’t always communicate with each other, which results in loss of time and errors. 

One place for all your HR administration  

SD Worx Digital Assistant makes short shrift of this fragmentation and let employees easily manage their HR administration digitally. Your employees can use their trusted devices to chat with the digital assistant and easily request leave, reschedule meetings or set up out-of-office messages. Everything is cleverly connected in one tool. Handy!

Benefits for employees


Don't forget anything anymore

The Digital Assistant guides your employees throughout their day: if someone gets flu, for example, they can use the assistant to call in sick, reschedule meetings and set up an out-of-office. The tool sends reminders and thinks along, so that all information is always accurate and up to date.

Manage everything in one place

Today, employees have to use all kinds of devices and tools to manage their HR administration. With this solution, that's a thing of the past: the assistant integrates a range of programs and apps into one easy-to-use tool. Employees can simply use it on their trusted devices.

Focus on the real work

Using the Digital Assistant, your employees save valuable time: they no longer need to call, email and work in various tools, but pass on information quickly with just a few clicks. Goodbye administrative hassle! With the space gained they can now fully focus on the more challenging and stimulating aspects of their job.   

Benefits for employers


Boost engagement and productivity

Employees who once again have the time to focus on their core tasks get a lot of satisfaction out of it. They are more enthusiastic, motivated and productive in their work, and they feel more closely involved in their job. 


Go mobile

A digital, mobile HR approach becomes the Olympic minimum for any future-oriented organisation. With the Digital Assistant you reinforce such a strategy by giving your employees in the workplace the ease of use that they are used to at home. 


Strengthen your image 

By focusing on future-oriented HR administration that makes life easier for your employees, you demonstrate that you’re truly committed to their well-being. This way you become an attractive employer, for those already working for you as well as for candidate employees. 

Numerous functions within reach



Where you want, when you want

The Digital Assistant is seamlessly integrated with all familiar devices and tools: call it via Google Home or Alexa, pass on information to Office 365 and let the assistant inform colleagues about a revised schedule via messaging apps. 




Let people know about planned an unplanned absences


Forward work related expenses


View payslips and other documents

Internal communication

Post and read personalised messages in the app


Coming soon

An answer to FAQ from employees

Shift Swaps

Coming soon

Swap shifts with colleagues 

What do our customers say about the Digital Assistant?


"At our company, we don't have a nine-to-five mentality. These days, work and life tend to intertwine much more often. We use our personal devices to communicate with our colleagues on apps that we also use privately. There is also a demand for more flexibility, both from our co-workers and the company itself. The SD Worx Digital Assistant can offer support for this trade-off. Whether it concerns home working for a day, requesting or approving a few hours of holiday or registering sickness: it can all be arranged in an instant. And it reduces the administrative work for our HR department"

Lore Berden

HR Manager - GfK Belgium


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