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The world around us is changing at an incredible speed. Technology and digitalisation have long become indispensable parts of our daily lives. Today, numerous applications make our lives easier. We can, for example, book our next summer holiday, take insurance for our luggage and rent a car, all via one app.

Why do you need an assistant?

At work, we expect seamless digital services as well, regardless of the size of the company we work for or what our role is: company director, employee, line manager, HR manager, or freelancer. All too often, this is not the case. Employees have to use several channels, tools and devices to take care of certain – often administrative – tasks, which makes it’s easier to forget certain details and is very time-consuming.

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If an employee is ill, for example, he has to notify an HR colleague by phone, e-mail or via a specific tool. But it doesn’t stop there: he also has to activate an out-of-office message and open his calendar to decide which meetings should be rescheduled.

At SD Worx, we believe that all employees should be able to count on their own digital assistant so that when unexpected situations arise, nothing gets overlooked and everything is dealt with swiftly.

Meet the SD Worx Digital Assistant

Our new SD Worx Digital Assistant is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows an employee to deal with planned and unplanned work events from A to Z. For example, he will be able to chat with the intelligent assistant via his own virtual environment to request a last-minute day off. The assistant will help him re-organise his day, arrange paid or unpaid leave, cancel meetings and automatically inform the whole team.

The SD Worx Digital Assistant offers many benefits:

Second brain

The SD Worx Digital Assistant guides employees through their various to do's and proactively contributes suggestions. By reminding them of the different steps associated with a particular event, for instance.

All-in-one solution

Before, employees had to use different applications to plan a day of leave and arrange everything associated with it, such as freeing up space in their agendas. The SD Worx assistant bridges the gap and ensures an event can be dealt with in just one communication tool with a few commands.

Thinking ahead

The SD Worx Digital Assistant helps the user proactively, sending timely reminders, for example to submit the expenses report to the HR colleagues. This makes sure nothing falls through the cracks and that everyone can work efficiently and accurately.

More focus on core tasks

Employees are supported in small administrative tasks which, when combined, add up to quite some time. This frees time that they can use to focus on the challenging aspects of their job.

And what's in it for you, as an employer?

Higher productivity

The productivity rate will increase, as employees get more satisfaction from their job, which in turn drives their motivation and enthusiasm.

Mobile @work

By giving your employees the same top notch user experience they are used to in their private lives, you enable your mobile HR strategy.

Committed employees

As a result, the engagement rate in the whole organisation will rise.

Positive employer branding

Finally, you can show what a great place to work you are and boost your employer image towards future employees.

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Update: In April we launched a free pilot project involving a select group of customers. Exciting to learn from their experience.