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Seeking a Single Source of Payroll Truth

This whitepaper examines the dilemma that can arise from having multiple payroll systems as well as the steps you can take to resolve them. It also highlights the business benefits of implementing a single payroll around the world.


Based on a survey of SD Worx, we found out that almost two-thirds of respondents we talked to still using different payroll systems with the three most prevalent issues being cited as:

  • Inaccuracy
  • Inconsistency
  • Increased costs

Using a single global solution delivers better efficiencies and accuracy, as well as greater peace of mind through improved legislative compliance and cross-border consistency.

To end, this whitepaper also explores SD Worx’s Dayforce HCM solution, where organisations can benefit from the best of both worlds – an automated global payroll and HR system that offers cost efficiency and transparency, as well as in-country capabilities that cater to local needs and legislative requirements. 

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Download the whitepaper