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The Accuracy of European Payroll & Its Impact on Employees

Payroll exists to pay employees the right amount at the right time. It’s a key function within any organisation, and modern automation should be streamlining the process and eradicating errors.

However, many workers are still getting paid late or incorrectly, and to make matters worse, they have to raise the issue themselves with unaware employers.


Payroll mistakes are stressful, awkward and time-consuming for everyone involved, and can have disastrous consequences for employee satisfaction. But just how big is the payroll problem?

We commissioned an independent survey of employees in six European countries: the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. 4,000 employees were asked whether they had ever been paid late, and those that said ‘Yes’ were asked for further details and whether their experience had changed perceptions of their employer.

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