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Harnessing the HR technology Revolution

This report on HR technology diligently outlines the current and upcoming technology, and details their importance to today’s HR functions. This extensive report is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on how HR practitioners could ride and ripe the technology revolution, whereas the second part puts more concentration on talent management technology.


An interview with 43 practitioners, experts, and academics, it alerts leaders like you to examine the HR revolution happening so far, from robotics to predictive, and talk openly about challenges such as how to move away from legacy products.

In short, this extensive report will help you navigate through the key questions worth considering when defining your company’s HR  (and technology) roadmap.

This research is conducted by CRF and is sponsored by SD Worx.

CRF stands for Corporate research Forum and has the purpose to increase effectiveness of the HR function. The topics are explored through evidence-based lens that leads us to critique the existing practices with an ambition and desire to progress the influence and impact the function delivers to the business.

SD Worx is a leading European provider of Payroll and HR solutions. It guides organisations in managing their existing and new workforce with full service package in the areas of Staffing, Payroll, Time and Talent.

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Before you implement any HR technology you should have sorted out where the HR function is going to be in three or five years and then figure out how you would use technology to support that.

David Milner, Founder and Consulting Partner at HR Curator Ltd.