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Talent on the Move: Time to Rethink

Businesses have always faced the twin challenges of talent and capacity: do they have the right people and do they have enough of them in the right places.
With the rise of technology and globalisation, so is competition on  talent.
Now is the time to rethink on how businesses can be more effective in the future and ‘raise their game’ in order to respond to the changing business and labour market context.


Economic globalisation has created a wealth of new business opportunities that comes with a more global labour market and with it, more competition for talented people. The purpose of this report is to develop our understanding of the environment in which businesses will be in operation over the next ten-years and to look at the strategies HR professionals might adopt to find, develop and retain scarce talent.

This report examines the definition of talent, followed by an in-depth exploration of the challenges face. The last chapters are dedicated to understanding how talent management is likely to be shaped in the future and how to embrace a more effective one.

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