and Time

Get help when you need it most. Request an absence or leave through our Assistant and it will automatically notify your colleagues, reschedule your meetings and even set an out-of-office message. But even on the job it can help you manage your time, swap shifts and more.


Scheduling ‘me’-time,
has never been so easy

Need a holiday break or faced with an illness, then the assistant will know exactly what to do. Grab the app and simply tell the assistant what you need, and it’ll will automatically register your leave and notify you colleague’s.

Conquer meetings and mails
with smart integrations

Connect your mailbox and calendar to the assistant for even more ‘smart’ shortcuts, like having it automatically set your out-of-office notification during a leave or absence. Or even rescheduling your meetings for you. That’s what we call time well spent.


Tracking time or swapping
shifts? No problem

It’s never been simpler to keep track of your or your team’s time. Even swapping a shift has been made easy. The assistant will do all of your heavy lifting. Just ask it what you need to have done, and it will facilitate every step and question between you and your colleague’s.

Stay on top,
with team calendars

Teams and colleague’s can quickly check each others planning through one, central team calendar. Or ask the assistant directly for more info like “Is John working today?” or “When is Eve’s back from her holiday?”. Greatly accelerating the team dynamic.


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