Accessing your digital playslips couldn’t be easier. Simply check-in for a full breakdown of your wage and benefits. And with the SD Worx Assistant alerting you to new updates, you won’t even have to check-in yourself. That’s what we call clever.


Your payslips
in great and small detail

Forget about keeping around a paper trail of payslips. Simply check-in to find all the information you need, ready at-a-glance. Want to find out more? Our detailled breakdowns will help you understand every little detail of your payslips. Or simply download a copy.

Keep track of your pay,
with smart notifications

Wonder when you’ll receive your paycheck this month? Not to worry, the SD Worx Assistant will notify you the instant your pay has been wired to your bank account.


Check the impact of new
benefits with simulations

Have you ever wondered how the birth of a new child, or getting a new company car will impact you paycheck? Well with the SD Worx Assistant you can easily run simulations on your payslips. Say goodbye to nasty surprises.

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Absences and time

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