Problem solving

Take charge in offering your employees the best round-the-clock support with the industries best HR knowledge base. Expand upon that knowledge with your own policies and topics for a tailored solution that perfect for your organization. And even include quick actions to trigger custom work flows and proccesses to get your employees started.


Provide any question
with the best answer

Instantly benefit from SD Worx’ curated knowledge to provide your employees with the best answers to their HR questions. But it doesn’t stop there. Add your own, specific company knowledge around policies and topics. And provide a 24/7 source of support for your employees.

The right knowledge
for the right role

Customize your knowledge base with even more Q&A content, that’s tailored specificly to employee-roles that you can define. For example, tailor answers to an employee based on which specific policy might apply to them. Or shield them from topics and knowledge altogether if they’re reserved for specific teams.


Make it your own, with
a branded environment

Create your own, branded destination page from which the knowledge base, Q&A content and assistant can be accessed. Making it even easier to implement into your existing eco-system of internal platforms.

Go beyond simple answers
with quick actions

Providing your employees with the right information is one thing. But through the use of quick actions, you can easily launch them directly into the flow or form they need to take the next step. Like, launching into a flow to request parental leave after having just read more about it. Or simply enhance your answer by attaching documents and links.


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