Easily share company wide updates, poll entire teams or reach out to specific groups of people or teams. Or take a look at the insights to give you instant feedback on what’s being read and who’s taking action.


Do more than ‘one-way’,
with interactive messages

Choose from a variety of ways to activate your employees with your message, like adding simple buttons or links. Our set-up and send out quick polls or survey’s for them to provide you with input. You can also opt-in to use push-notifications in order to notify your employees of important updates.


Get specific and
target teams or groups

Choose whom you want to reach by setting up different user groups within your organisation. You can go even further and segment your employees for specific communication. Or personalise your messages for maximum effect.

Improve effectiveness
with real-time insights

Starting with your first message or task, the insights dashboard will instantly gather and display the most important metrics back to you; like performance, degree of interaction, reach on the different platforms,… Goodbye guesswork, hello efficiency!


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Abscences and Time

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Problem solving

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