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Is this the final version?+-

This is a first version of our SD Work Assistant. It is continuously evolving and we hope to make it even better in future versions with your feedback.

Which languages are supported?+-

Which roles are supported with the SD Worx Assistant?+-

First focus is to bring more value to employees/workers. In a later phase this will be extended to line managers and other roles in the work communities.

What kind of questions can I ask?+-

Are the standard approval flows followed?+-

What about security?+-

It is more than obvious that the SD Worx Assistant respects your privacy and is in line with GDPR Compliancy.

Do you use global API's?+-

We have an open ecosystem approach, starting from API's with our own backend solutions like eblox HR and mysalary and 3rd party integrations like Office365 in a first phase. Depending on the specific customer needs we will further open to other tools in our roadmap.

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