Social Elections
with SD Worx

For balance in social dialogue

How will you proceed?

In May 2020 about 7000 companies in Belgium will hold social elections. You will have to take your first procedural step on 13 December 2019.

The SD Worx experts are ready to guide you through this procedure without any problems and to guarantee you a good start to your social consultation. We have been supporting companies since the emergence of social elections, so there are no partners with more experience.

To help you as effectively as possible with this complex procedure, we offer two basic packages:

  • Social elections – DIY

    If you have some knowledge of the procedure yourself, do not need legal advice and would prefer to have full control, then this package is the solution for you. An online platform with a dynamic task list tailored to your calendar guides you through the procedure, with an overview of outstanding tasks and deadlines on the dashboard. You generate all of the documents yourself and print them out when you need them.

  • Social elections – with Service

    This solution will help you to make sure everything is legally correct, even if you do not have the knowledge yourself. You can also limit the extra work for your HR department to a minimum.
    An SD Worx specialist manages your election file and provides you with the right documentation at the right time. This is done via our online dashboard. Unfortunately, we cannot perform tasks for you that have to be carried out at your premises or for which you have to make decisions.


Both packages can be expanded to include additional products and services such as a practical guide, training, electronic voting, postal voting, on-site consultancy on election day, dispute resolution assistance, etc.

By choosing SD Worx to help with organising your social elections, you can be sure that things will run smoothly. This means a stable basis for your new consultative bodies.

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Requester data

If your company has 50 to 100 employees, you generally need to organise elections for one consultative body, the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work.   If your company has more than 100 employees, you need to organise elections for at least one Works Council and one Committee, i.e. two consultative bodies.   But what is a company? In the context of social elections, you need to take into account the 'technical business entity' or TBE, This is defined based on economic and social criteria. You therefore need to look for social and economic consistency across various legal entities, various branches and so on. The TBE tool on this site can help you with this. If you need additional advice, please contact us first via "Have a question?".    Trade union delegation: Only to be filled in if your joint industrial committee provides for actual elections for the trade union delegation, which is the exception rather than the rule. If the trade union delegation is indicated, you can fill in '0'.

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