Into the Swing of Digitalization: HR & Employee Experience

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For HR, digitalization's profound goal has always been to support leaders in making better decisions based on analyses and predictions. For the workforce, digitalization aims to optimize employee experience and satisfaction levels. But how are European companies performing toward these goals?

Join industry analyst Katherine Jones, Peter s'Jongers, Founder & CEO of Protime, an SD Worx Group company, and industry analyst George LaRocque of UNLEASH as they review the latest European research on the subject.

To what extent are HR and payroll processes automated, and how big of a priority is the employee experience? We'll visit 11 European countries and review their digitalisation progress.

This webinar will benefit you: 

  • To benchmark yourself with other HR leaders & business owners in Europe on digitalisation & employee experience
  • Learn from the HR thought leaders on this topic
  • Prepare your HR Strategy for 2021

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Katherine Jones, P.h.D Independent Thought Leader and Consultant

Unique as a thought leader for her ability to make theory actionable and technology comprehensible to non-technologists, Dr. Jones is a sought-after writer and speaker in the US and internationally. Moving easily from the academic world to the worldwide technology stage, she has repeatedly created value propositions bridging technology and theory with the practical world of today's business. 

Peter s’Jongers Founder & CEO of Protime

With a marketing and ICT background, Peter s’Jongers founded Protime in 1995. Today Protime is the BENELUX market leader in workforce management software and is a part of SD WORX group since 2011. Peter is passionate about the return on investment of a corporate culture based on employee engagement. His passion resulted in a management book, 'Proud', published by Die Keure in 2019.

SVP Content

George LaRocque, SVP Insights UNLEASH: George helps global HR leaders and technologists understand each other by drawing on his direct experience and research-based insights. He balances his passion for the promise of the future of work with...