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Want to know the effectiveness of your current payroll operation? We offer a non-committal and free analysis from one of our payroll experts, which will highlight what your current payroll is costing your business, any areas of potential risk you're open to, and the effectiveness of your internal processes. We'll take you through the findings and suggest ideas for you to take away and action to implement an effective payroll strategy.

Given the current climate, we're able to offer reviews virtually. So if you have any downtime, an impartial review of your current payroll operations could be the key in helping you to continue “business as usual” in the most efficient way possible.

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What will this review cover?

With a Payroll Efficiency Review, you’ll get an analysis of your payroll processes based on three important performance categories:


We will provide you with an indicative cost of running your payroll and suggestions for how the cost can be reduced


We will highlight any risks associated with your current procedures such as compliance with legislation, IT security risks and human error risks


We will give improvement suggestions to the current processes which will provide your payroll function with more time for value added support to your business

Why review your payroll operations?

Top payroll teams are embracing new ways to keep up with the pace of ever-changing legislation and workforce trends. A payroll efficiency review can make sure your company is keeping up. Being in contract with a payroll provider and cruising along or sleepwalking into automatic renewal, means you could be missing out on extra value or opportunities. We’ll show you how you can maximise the value payroll can contribute to your business. Take a look at our resources to find out more about reviewing your payroll operations.


GUIDE - Why an annual payroll review is crucial

A guide to give you some food for thought on why reviewing your payroll strategy is worth doing to future-proof and add extra value to your business.



BUSINESS CASE - The unshakeable case for outsourcing payroll

You've decided to review your payroll strategy. But you need the buy in from other key stakeholders. If you’re the payroll champ in your organisation faced with sceptical colleagues or stakeholders, this business case outlines the benefits of outsourcing payroll to boost your pitch.



GUIDE - Seeking an open an honest payroll partner

Everyone’s after best-in-class solutions and support to look after their payroll and people, but what does this actually look like? Here’s our guidance on what you should be expecting from your payroll service, all the way from the first date to being in a committed relationship.



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