Moving to Managed Payroll?

It’s Unexpectedly Simple.

If you’re reading this, then we assume you’ve been debating whether a managed payroll service is the right move for your business. And you’re probably working towards wider business objectives like reducing your total cost of ownership, increasing efficiency, improving business continuity plans, or reducing risk.

But it all seems quite complex and you’re unsure where to start, right? Your current research has led you to various internet sites and forums, but you probably still feel like you need the answers to some pretty fundamental questions if you’re going to tackle a serious business case. Don't worry we've got you covered with our new guide.

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It can be unexpectedly simple to move to a managed payroll service.

With over 75 years’ experience in managing payroll for some of the largest global brands, we understand a thing or two about it. And most importantly, we know how to make the process as simple as possible. Or ‘unexpectedly simple’ as our customers have told us.

So here’s where you need to start - the 6 steps and key questions you need answers to when thinking about outsourcing your payroll…


What can or should I outsource?


How will it work with my current HCM solutions?


How long will it take and how hard will it be to deliver?


Are there any risks when outsourcing?


Who is involved and how will my people be affected?


How can I stay in control?