The future of workforce management - GUIDE

Workforce planning is a key management responsibility, and traditional time & attendance (T&A) solutions have done a satisfactory job… until now. The recent COVID-19 pandemic and shift in workplace culture has challenged and changed the way we work. Managers must now facilitate homeworking and ensure social distancing can be implemented, whilst tracking employees’ time, attendance and performance.

Pandemic aside, the office-based 9-5 is becoming less common. Today, workers (both permanent and contingent) are seeking a variety of routines, including shift patterns, flexi work, remote working, job sharing, mobile working and irregular days from one week to the next.

Certain sectors including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, construction and logistics typically employ shift workers with different patterns and seasonal workers on different types of contracts.

It’s becoming more widely recognised that people are productive at different times and want to pursue other life projects alongside working. Offering choice is more than an employee perk - it serves the business too.


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