A Guide to Integrating Payroll with SAP HXM Solutions


The 7 key factors for effective deployment

When SAP HXM technology is deployed effectively and “wall to wall”, it can underpin impressive HR transformations. But if a solution fails to live up to expectations, major problems can result—both in terms of business performance and workforce morale.

Accurate processing of payroll is a core, specialist part of any business, and to be efficient, payroll must integrate with other HR technology.

So, what exactly do you need to know in order to ensure your deployment is effective?


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Get instant answers to basic questions on Payroll / HR integration

  • Which type of Payroll solution is right for your organisation's HR ecosystem?
  • What will having the right HR / Payroll solution do for your organisation?
  • How to decide what integration you require?
  • How should you approach a Payroll/HR integration if you work for a multi-country organisation?
  • How to align your HR & IT teams?
  • Is it time to move from on-premise to a cloud solution?
  • Is SaaS or a managed service a better option for your business?