Debunking the "HR analytics is too difficult" myth

Do you really know who is working for you?

While HR and payroll own and maintain some of the richest and most valuable data sets an organization has at its disposal, this powerful data has long been overlooked or largely underutilised. This whitepaper takes a look into these barriers and explains how to get started while limiting complications. 

What's inside?

  •   "Too much science for HR" myth
    Implementing HR Analytics requires an investment in new, more science-based skills within your department as well as time to build a data model.
  •   "Only for very mature organisations" myth
    Both the maturation of the HR function and an overall maturation of the company based on the outcomes of Hr Analytics are necessary. And a lot more ...
  •   "Getting it right is complicated" myth
  •   What do we need to become analysts?
  •   Recommendations from the field
  •   Use case


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