Reinventing HR.

In the age of fluidity, your people need a new perspective.

The pandemic has created challenges that none of us anticipated. For many businesses, it has accelerated digital transformation projects and highlighted the need for more agile and fluid ways of working. To meet the needs of the post-Covid workforce, HR is being reinvented.

This whitepaper takes a closer look at how this change is likely to impact businesses, from heightened staff expectations to the reinvented role that HR plays. It will also examine the technology that’s required to support HR – and why payroll has become the most important element in its digital infrastructure.

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Travel and expense management

A new perspective on HR

Change was always on the horizon. Shifts in attitudes towards work were pivoting even before ‘Covid-19’ had entered our collective vocabulary. The rise of the millennial and Gen Z workforce has altered our perceptions on lifetime careers, monthly payments and 9-5 office hours. Coupled with advances in workplace technology and digital HR capabilities that blur the lines of home and work, the flexible work revolution is well and truly here to stay.

We recently surveyed 3,000 companies across 11 European countries and uncovered four transformative market trends that are changing the nature of work faster than you can imagine:


For decades, HR has been built around a set cadence of lifetime careers, permanent jobs, monthly payroll and fixed locations. Today, employees want more control and fluidity around work.


The rise of digitalisation makes the fluid work movement possible. Connected systems are needed to boost efficiency, enhance collaboration, streamline workloads and facilitate accurate information flows.


One-size-fits-all permanent contracts are relics of the past. Embracing flexible working means unprecedented agility for companies and their people – but it also more payroll and HR complexity.

Employee Experience

Employees want tools that simplify their daily administrative tasks. They want consistent user experiences across workplace applications and a frictionless way to interact.

HR's hierarchy of needs

Payroll information touches so many elements of HR, whether attracting, on-boarding, developing, rewarding or retaining talent, that it’s become hard to separate the technology supporting both functions.

What has also become clear is that any digital infrastructure supporting HR must be built upon the payroll function. Payroll remains the common denominator that touches everyone and influences almost everything in HR.

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