How can HR meet the challenges of Brexit?

Preparing for Brexit will be hard, but SD Worx is here to help.


Your HR & Payroll Resource for Brexit Success

An SD Worx survey finds that 60% of businesses currently do not have the tax and legal skills to cope, or do not fully understand the employment and tax implications Brexit will bring.

Trying to keep up with the latest regulations or treaties, social security changes, while meeting the demands of a diverse, mobile and international workforce caused by Brexit will not be easy.

To help HR, payroll and business leaders navigate the Human Capital impact of Brexit, SD Worx has developed a number of tools, resources and content to guide you.

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How ready is your HR for Brexit? 

Do you have employees with the UK nationality working and living in an EU country?


Do you have employees with an EU nationality working and living in the UK?


Do you have employees with an EU nationality travelling to UK for business trips?


Do you have employees with the UK nationality travelling to the EU for business trips?


Have you sent employees with an EU nationality to UK to work there temporarily?


Have you sent employees with the UK nationality to the EU to work there temporarily?



If you have answered yes to any of these questions take action now with Brexit!

Book a free 20-minute Brexit assessment with an SD Worx HR legal expert to discuss your challenges and how we can help you further.


Understanding Brexit’s Impact on Businesses and HR Teams Around Europe

An SD Worx survey of 1,000 HR and payroll professionals found that preparing for Brexit will be difficult, and that many HR teams lack the in-house skills required to adapt to the changes that Brexit will bring.

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You’re not alone

SD Worx offers a full range of Brexit and HR legal advice to help your business thrive.

Our legal experts are here to guide you through the Brexit process, provide the strategy, plan and tools.

Brexit Analysis & Stress Test Legal Advise
Brexit Analysis & Stress Test Legal advice
Roadmap & Strategy Content
Roadmap & Strategy Content


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