Q&A with Tilman Rotberg, Global Portfolio Go-To-Market Director

With the wealth of payroll technology currently flooding the market, companies are spoilt for choice—and overwhelmed by options. It’s easy to find yourself struggling with a complex piece of software that’s overly advanced for your needs, or perhaps you find an intuitive, easy-to-use payroll system that doesn’t integrate with the rest of your HR technology stack. We asked Tilman Rotberg for advice on how to choose the right payroll tech, and how to leverage that payroll technology in more effective ways.

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In an era where operational efficiency translates directly to competitive advantage, the importance of selecting the right payroll technology cannot be overstated. For HR leaders, mastering payroll challenges is key to achieving organizational goals. Yet startlingly, European companies consistently list speed and efficiency in payroll processing as their most significant payroll challenge.

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In the evolving landscape of human resources management, integrating payroll technology isn't just about convenience; it's a strategic imperative. However, our new research shows that for one in ten European companies, creating an integrated and efficient payroll system remains an urgent yet unmet challenge.

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In the ever-evolving realm of HR, the allure of AI is undeniable. However, its integration into payroll systems remains a relatively untapped resource, with just over a fifth of European companies integrating AI technologies into their payroll systems. Yet, where AI has found its footing, the impact can be profound – facilitating automated payroll calculations and cutting out mundane tasks, detecting errors with finesse, and ensuring compliance with ease.

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