The Payroll Navigator 2024

Looking for payroll success? We’ll show you the way

We asked employers and employees in 18 European countries to tell us about payroll at their company. Now, four SD Worx experts share insights from the new research to answer the biggest payroll questions every organization faces right now, as they try to achieve payroll success in 2024.

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Executive Summary

“The definition of ‘payroll success’ is something that evolves and expands every year. By now, companies are trying to choose between more payroll tech and processing options than ever. And more business leaders are waking up to the fact that payroll experience is a foundational aspect of employee experience.
In such a complex, rapidly evolving landscape, it can be hard to know what payroll success looks like and how to reach it. In the Payroll Navigator, we map out the journey to payroll success, revealing the four milestones you need to achieve along the way. Four SD Worx experts have combed the results of our latest Europe-wide survey of the current payroll landscape. Here, they advise you on the biggest questions you’ll face as you progress from one milestone to the next.”

Tom Saeys, COO at SD Worx

Four milestones on your journey to payroll success

Find out how to develop a future-proof payroll process that’s right for the unique needs of your business.

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Make sure payroll compliance is effortless in every situation, no matter how complex your organization becomes.

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Choose payroll technology that empowers your people without overwhelming, and integrates easily into your HR stack.

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The first place to invest when improving employee experience? Payroll process. Find out why it matters so much.

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