Towards Fluidity in HR

A solid base for balance and swirling movements to successfully ride the winds of change: the future of HR in a nutshell. Continuous innovation and an agile mindset will be key. But do companies already embrace this new element of HR fluidity in their operations? We had to find out.

Through an online survey in June 2020, SD Worx reached a total of 3,000 companies from 11 European countries. Get a snapshot of HR during COVID-19 and ways to overcome the crisis.

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Follow our next webinar on December 11th on buying, building or borrowing your workforce. We will investigate market shifts in Europe and what the prospect of an economic recovery in 2021 could mean for HR when it comes to delivering on its talent and workforce strategies. Joining us on the panel are: Ans De Vos (University of Antwerpen), David Wilson (Fosway Group), Jan Laurijssen (SD Worx) , George LaRocque (Unleash)Click here to register.

Get the scoop on today’s HR

Our survey ‘The Future of Work and People in Europe 2020’ is the first in a new annual series. The results reveal how entrepreneurs and HR professionals go about dealing with today’s HR. We’ve clustered the most noteworthy findings in the ebook ‘HR, as Fluid as Hula-Hoop Shaking’, while 3 thematic ebooks dive deeper into the data on payroll, digital HR and employee experience, and workforce management. To give you a taste of things to come, we’ve highlighted some key takeaways on this webpage. Enjoy!

We will have to radically change the way we work together after the coronavirus crisis

Thematic ebooks on fluid HR

The results from our European survey allowed us to take deep dives into three crucial HR domains: payroll, digital HR and employee experience, and workforce management. We’ve listed the most important takeaways on this page, but there’s only one way to get the full scope: start reading!


How is payroll – a cornerstone of HR – valued in times of crisis? Do companies adjust their strategies? And are outsourcing and flexible reward systems seen as part of the solution? We’ve tackled these and other questions in a telling ebook.

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Key takeaways

#1Payroll is by far the top priority for European companies.

#2Over 80% are running or plan projects to improve their payroll.

#3Payroll is one of the 5 most outsourced HR Tasks.

#4Flexible remuneration is not yet seen as a gamechanger.

Which HR tasks do you consider the most important and which do you prioritise?

HR can and should always be a change agent, COVID-19 or not.
Michael Custers
Michael Custers Chief Marketing Officer at SD Worx

Digital HR and Employee Experience

Emerging technologies offer HR teams a helping hand in various domains, including employee experience. How well do European companies combine the burning need to digitalize with the renewed awareness that their people should be at centre stage?

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Workforce Management

A volatile business environment calls for an agile approach to workforce management. Hiring new talent (‘buying’), taking on flex workers (‘borrowing’) and upskilling current staff (‘building’) are all options. What do employers prefer and why?

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We will cover all of this in our webinar and report. Register today!

Key takeaways
Workforce management

#1Flexible workforces could be a gamechanger.

#2Most new job creation has been in non-standard employment.

#3Lower costs and scarce skills are the top reasons for flex work.

#4Interest in flex work varies greatly between countries.

When looking for new colleagues, how often do you buy, borrow or build talent?

Fluid workforces cater for both cost and value
Jan Laurijssen
Jan Laurijssen Senior Managing Consultant (People & Digital Transformation) at SD Worx



November 5th – The Future of Work & People in Europe: HR, Fluid as Hula hoop Shaking

Speaker: Michael Custers (CMO, SD Worx), George LaRocque (SVP Insight, Unleash) , Trish McFarlane and Thomas Otter (Tech advisor, Investor, and HR Generalist)


2020 saw HR priorities shuffled and reshuffled. Existing trends are accelerating, while new strategies for the workforce have emerged. As workplaces and work models have revamped, HR has explored new domains that have now quickly become familiar territory. With everything changing and spinning so rapidly, HR looks to the future and what trends will guide us. This webinar will answer three questions: What has kept HR grounded through 2020? How does this affect HR’s decisions in the short term? Which priorities should HR revisit to ensure success in 2021? We’ll look across eleven countries in Europe to explore this dynamic reality and what it means for your business

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November 19 - Into the Swing of Digitalisation: HR & Employee Experience

Speaker: Katherine Jones, Katherine Jones & Peter s'Jongers (CEO, Protime)

The profound goal of digitalisation has always been to support HR in making better decisions based on analyses and predictions, while optimising employee experience and satisfaction levels. But how are European companies performing?

We asked 3,000 companies, large and small, about their digital ambitions and challenges. To what extent are HR and payroll processes automated, and how big of a priority is the employee experience.

Recording available soon!

Should You Build, Buy, or Borrow Your Workforce?

Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 4:00 PM Brussels (GMT 1:00) Speakers: Ans De Vos (university of Antwerpen), David Wilson (Fosway Group), Jan Laurijssen (SD Worx) , George LaRocque (Unleash)


With the rise digitalisation, new business models, and workforce polarisation, would you buy, build or borrow your talent?

In the final part of the HR Hula Hoop webinar series, we will investigate market shifts in Europe and what the prospect of an economic recovery in 2021 could mean for HR when it comes to delivering on their talent and workforce strategies.

Like a good hula hoop spin, more now than ever, we argue that HR will need firm footing while flexibly shifting to accommodate and harness the circular and dynamic flows of talent.

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